Director/ major shareholder salary – just €99,- per year

As a director/major shareholder, you are required to keep payroll records. WePayroll provides fast, simple and affordable shareholder payroll services for just €99 per year. 

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For the director/ major shareholder

You will receive an e-mail on the seventh day of each month notifying you that your salary documents are ready (e.g. payslip, payroll summary and journal entry). You will also receive a separate e-mail stating the amount of payroll tax you have to pay, along with the reference number and the bank account number of the Dutch Tax and Customs Administration. An annual statement will be sent once a year.

For the accountant

You will receive an e-mail twelve times a year notifying you that the salary documents (journal entry and payslips) and the payroll summary are ready. An automatic upload in the accountancy software (own account schedule optional) is also available.


What do I have to do?

Open the form and register.

Anything else?

No, WePayroll will do the rest!

That's easy! Can I start right away?

Absolutely. Just click here to open the online registration form.

There's been a change, what do I do?

E-mail the change to

How do I add my partner to my payroll?

Send an e-mail to and we will send you a form with the information we need.

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What customers say about WePayroll



Els Rijpstra

"What is the most important task of HR?

Salary that is paid on time and in one go to all employees.

In addition to the (intrinsic) motivation of every employee, the salary naturally plays a major role in going to work. The stove must smoke.

Polaroid has found a partner in WePayroll that makes that happen.

WePayroll has a passion for applying the right laws and regulations, is aware of changes, proactive in preventing mistakes or implementing new things, tireless to re-explain things and informal in working with a personal touch!

Where it is beyond their expertise (eg complicated tax matters) they have partners who will take over from them if desired.

From both Finance and HR I can say that Polaroid is more than satisfied.

Els Rijpstra
Global Human Resources Manager

TP Vision Europe B.V.
TP Vision Europe B.V.

Tanja van Beeren

"We have been using WePayroll services to our full satisfaction for several years. When submitting the salary changes, we quickly receive a response and the further processing is always neatly taken care of. Keep it up!"

Ivy Global
Ivy Global

Mariska van Es

"Initially, we got to know Wepayroll (Ralph) through our switch to a different payroll software package. After two intensive days, a pleasant collaboration has arisen. We have chosen to continue this collaboration to support our payroll administration. We are extremely satisfied with this name. The personal, customer-oriented and proactive approach makes WePayroll a party with which it is pleasant to work."


Jan Wingens

"HTCE Site Management has been a WePayroll customer for over 5 years now. From the start we have been helped very expertly and professionally. The personal and proactive approach makes it very pleasant to work with WePayroll. Outsourcing to WePayroll is for a real 'unburdening'!"

Stichting Philips Pensioenfonds
Stichting Philips Pensioenfonds

Pieter Buis

"Philips Pensioenfonds chose Wepayroll because they seemed to score the best in terms of price-quality. Worked together with Wepayroll for almost a year now, conclusion: expectations have been largely exceeded. All praise for thinking along, the delivered accuracy, flexibility and customer friendliness!"


Tim Steenvoorden

"WePayroll handled these issues for us in an adequate and flexible manner. We are also very pleased with the expertise."